How Daniel Craig’s Leather Gloves Ended Up Costing ‘Skyfall’ Millions

     July 3, 2016

Sometimes, it’s best not to acquiesce to an actor’s suggestion. If a story from filmmaker and film critic Charlie Lyne is to be believed, then director Sam Mendes ended up learning this lesson the hard way during the production of Skyfall.

The story goes that one day, Daniel Craig ended up bringing a pair of leather gloves to set. He tells a tired Sam Mendes that these gloves are something that James Bond would wear and that he should wear them in the scene. Mendes, wanting to keep his star happy, agrees, and Craig shoots the scene wearing the leather gloves.

Three months later while they’re editing the movie, someone pipes up and points out the problem with Bond wearing gloves during the Macao sequence. See if you can guess what the problem was before watching the videos below [via The Playlist].


Image via Sony and MGM


Image via Sony/MGM/Eon


Image via Sony/MGM/Eon


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