Daniel Craig Says JAMES BOND 23 Set to Begin Filming at the End of 2010

     October 23, 2009


It looks like fans of James Bond will have to wait at least two more years to see the next installment in the franchise.  Proving that you can get a response if you just shout questions at a person, someone asked Daniel Craig when we’ll see the next Bond film as he exited the stage door from “A Steady Rain”, the Broadway play he’s currently performing in alongside Hugh Jackman.  Craig responded that they’re set to begin filming at the end of next year.  As Bond films usually stake their claim around Thanksgiving, my guess is we’ll probably see 007 again around November 2011.

Hit the jump to see Craig’s response (it’s around 1:06) along with him and Jackman being good sports about signing autographs.

Thanks to Collider reader Eddie for giving us the heads up to CommanderBond’s report (although their site is currently down at the moment).


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