Set Photos from SKYFALL with Daniel Craig as James Bond in Trafalgar Square

     November 22, 2011

With The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo opening in less than a month, soon we’ll be turning our attention to Daniel Craig’s next project, Skyfall, aka James Bond 23. While we don’t much to show you other than Craig looking a little haggard but dapper as always, you can be sure that more set photos will pop up between now and the film’s November 9th release. Filming in London’s Trafalgar Square this past weekend, Craig was willing to provide as much information on the film as these pictures show (that is to say, next to nothing), but director Sam Mendes (Away We Go) was a little more candid. Hit the jump to check out the photos.

Mendes has attempted to squash the idea that a Bond film will be short on excitement saying “It, I think, has all the elements of a classic Bond movie, including, to quell any rumours, a lot of action” (via Reuters). That’s about as much as Mendes was willing to say, confirming that though Ben Whishaw (Layer Cake), Albert Finney (The Bourne Ultimatum) and Ralph Fiennes will be in the film, he couldn’t give details as to their roles. Steve recently sat down with screenwriter John Logan, who echoed Mendes statements about the film being action-heavy.

Skyfall also stars Javier Bardem as the villain, Judi Dench reprising her role as M, Naomie Harris (Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End), Helen McCrory (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) and Berenice Marlohe as Severine, “the Bond Girl.” Click here to keep up to date with all of our Skyfall coverage.

Here are the images (via Just Jared):

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