Daniel Craig ‘SNL’ Promos Were Clearly Filmed Before ‘No Time to Die’ Delay

     March 4, 2020


So the coronavirus-induced delay of No Time to Die, the last at-bat for Daniel Craig‘s depiction of James Bond, has one inadvertent consequence. Y’see, Craig is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, on March 7. This would’ve made a lot of since given No Time to Die‘s original release date of April 10. But now that we ain’t getting it until November 25? Well, that makes his hosting a touch less topical — and the central premise of his filmed promos a touch more awkward.

In the clip, Craig talks about how he wants to loosen up and be as silly as possible on SNL, from wigs to accents to whatever it takes to get a laugh (a mode I happen to love Craig in, vis-a-vis Logan Lucky and Knives Out). Just one problem — whenever cast members like Beck BennettAidy Bryant, or Chris Redd try to talk to him, his “James Bond instincts” kick in, and he pummels the heck out of them. Whoops!

It’s a solid bit heightened well — but you can tell it was filmed before the delay, and thus plays with a little bit of dramatic, cringe-inducing irony. Will they address the coronavirus delay in a sketch on the show? If you wanna find out, check out Craig’s episode March 7, with musical guest The Weeknd. For more on James Bond, here’s Billie Eilish performing the No Time to Die theme at the BRIT Awards.

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