Daniel Craig Will Saddle Up with COWBOYS & ALIENS

     January 28, 2010


A couple weeks ago, we broke the story that Daniel Craig was in negotiations to star in Jon Favreau’s next film, Cowboys & Aliens.  Tonight, Deadline reports that Craig has taken the lead role of cowboy Zeke Jackson in the sci-fi adventure story.  This could be a second major franchise for Craig, and if Bond manages to begin shooting next year, then Craig could have an insane 2011 with both Cowboys and Bond hitting theaters.

Robert Downey Jr. was previously cast in the role but dropped out for reasons that may or may not (but I’d put my money on “may”) have to do with a gentleman who lives at 221B Baker Street.  I think Downey would’ve been great in the role since he’s great in about everything, but now I’m actually more excited in the project because I don’t know what’s coming.  I don’t know how Favreau’s style will work with Craig as opposed to Downey.  More importantly, Craig isn’t known for playing charming rogues (his James Bond is grim and gritty) and that’s the character in the books.  It’s also clearly intended as a fun movie since it’s titled “Cowboys & Aliens” and not “The Closing of the Frontier and the Loss of the American Identity”.  That second title would not look good on a movie poster.

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