Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Thomas Anderson’s New Movie Gets Official Title

     October 13, 2017

paul-thomas-anderson-sliceIt’s official, the next (and possibly final) feature film collaboration between Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day-Lewis has one badass name. Set in high ranks of fashion, the drama is now officially titled Phantom Thread. If you’re looking for big news, that might be a little bit of a let down since that title has been floating around since June, but I’m freakin relieved. That’s a great title and it fits the film’s premise like a well-tailored glove.

Phantom Thread stars Day-Lewis as a high-society dressmaker in the couture world of 1950s London, but I’m sure that logline will ultimately seem as simplistic as saying Boogie Nights is about porn and The Master is about cults. You wouldn’t be wrong to say either of those things, but Paul Thomas Anderson doesn’t tend to make movies that can easily be described in a logline. But hey, if this is just two-and-a-half hours of DDL where sharp suits, I would still be into it, especially since it may well be his final film.


Image via Paramount Pictures

The three-time Oscar-winning actor announced his retirement over the summer, citing a “private decision” and revealing that Phantom Thread will be his last film. Time will tell if he’s truly leaving acting behind, or if he’ll take an extended hiatus like he did between 1997’s The Boxer and 2002’s Gangs of New York. Hopefully, Scorcese can lure him back to us again.

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