Will Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm Team Up for a British TV Miniseries?

     May 2, 2012


A very exciting team-up of actors may be in the works.  Though the watercooler British series Downton Abbey has moved from the Miniseries category to the Drama Series category for this year’s Emmys, none other than Harry Potter and Don Draper may be starring in a period British miniseries of their own.  A report originated in The Sun that Daniel Radcliffe is circling a role in the four-part post-WWI miniseries that would see him playing the younger version of a character played by Jon Hamm.  Hit the jump for more.

jon-hamm-miniseriesThe Sun isn’t the most accurate of sources, but Vulture reports that they’ve been hearing the same thing regarding the Hamm/Radcliffe casting so this might well be more than a fantasy rumor.  The miniseries centers on Russian doctors and is said to include some dark humor.  Both Radcliffe and Hamm are excellent actors and I would 100% be on board with this project should it turn out to be real.  Hopefully we hear some confirmation on the casting soon.

Radcliffe has been busy since the release of the final film in the Harry Potter franchise.  The British horror film The Woman in Black opened earlier this year, and he recently wrapped production on the drama Kill Your Darlings in which he plays famed poet Allen Ginsberg.  As for Hamm, he’ll most likely begin shooting the sixth season of Mad Men at some point this summer after creator Matt Weiner wraps his feature directorial debut, You Are Here.  Weiner’s most recent deal with AMC keeps the show on the air through season seven, which is expected to be Mad Men’s last.