Daniel Radcliffe Shows Stephen Colbert His LEGOs in Adorable Edition of ‘A Late Show’

     April 1, 2020

The global reality that just about anyone and everyone is working from home has revealed a number of interesting things: Late-night TV show hosts have been quick to adapt to the fact that they can only air their shows and reach viewers through video conferencing, that the “show must go on” regardless of technical difficulties, and that some of these folks have never held a job at an IT help desk. That last bit was evident in a recent at-home segment of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in which the host welcomed Harry Potter and Miracle Workers: Dark Ages star Daniel Radcliffe to chat about his projects … eventually.

It took about four minutes for the comedically gifted duo (and their tech teams) to sort out the audio trouble; that was a delightfully awkward-enough experience before the banter even really got going. But after that, Radcliffe riffs with Colbert about coronavirus, the state of the world right now, how much better off we are (or think we are) since the previous Dark Ages, and passing the time with massive LEGO sets. Radcliffe shared his latest achievement–the gates and T. rex of Jurassic Park in LEGO form–with Colbert as the two also talked to their off-screen cohorts quarantined in their respective houses with them. It’s adorable overall and a nice reminder that folks like Radcliffe and Colbert aren’t all that different from us in these current, crazy times.

You can enjoy the awkwardness of cross-country tech issues or skip ahead to about 4:00 for the actual interview portion:

The star of “Miracle Workers: Dark Ages” on TBS, and a little-known indie movie franchise called “Harry Potter,” pays our host a virtual visit and confirms that he’s holding up well at home while social distancing. #Colbert #StephenAtHome #DanielRadcliffe