Collider Kids: Exclusive ‘Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’ Clip Teases All-New Episodes This Week!

     July 8, 2018


Here at Collider, we cover a lot of stuff, be it Star Wars, superheroes, or cinephile fare, and everything from movies and TV, to video games and web series. There’s something for everyone. But there’s so much stuff out there that sometimes our younger audience members get left out. So every once in a while, we’d like to shine a spotlight on some family-friendly content that parents and caregivers can confidently watch with the little ones.

In today’s Collider Kids segment, we have another exclusive to share with you. A brand new clip from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is here to announce the premiere of four “grrr-iffic” all-new episodes of the award-winning animated series from Fred Rogers Productions on PBS KIDS. The adorable clip comes from the upcoming July 10th episode, “Daniel Learns About Lizards”, but there’s much more ahead this week!

Each of the new July episodes touches on key issues for preschoolers and introduces gentle life lessons through engaging musical strategies that are sure to get kids and parents singing along with Daniel and his friends.

Check out our exclusive clip below!

From Fred Rogers Productions on Vimeo.

Check out the rundown of the new Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood episodes on PBS Kids:


Image via PBS Kids, Fred Rogers Productions

Premiering Monday, July 9 on PBS KIDS (check local listings)

  • “Circle Time Squabble”: At school, Daniel gets so mad at Miss Elaina that he wants to push her. Instead, he remembers the importance of self-control and how to stop himself from hurting a friend.
  • “It’s Not Okay to Hurt Someone”: Farmer Daniel gets mad when Margaret knocks down his fence. Daniel learns that it’s okay to be angry, but it’s never okay to hurt someone.

Strategy Song: Stop, stop, stop. It’s ok to feel angry, it’s not, not, not ok to hurt someone.


Image via PBS Kids, Fred Rogers Productions

Premiering Tuesday, July 10 on PBS KIDS (check local listings)

  • “Daniel Learns About Lizards”: Daniel and Prince Wednesday discover a small lizard in Daniel’s backyard and they have a lot of questions about it. When they wonder and explore, they learn so many new things.
  • “Daniel Wonders About Trolley”: Daniel and his friends learn all about their favorite Neighborhood Trolley!

Strategy Song: When you wonder you can try to find out more.


Image via PBS Kids, Fred Rogers Productions

Premiering Wednesday, July 11 on PBS KIDS (check local listings)

  • “Daniel Finds Something to Do”: Mom Tiger is working, but Daniel really wants her to play with him. She explains to Daniel that when she is busy, he can find something to do by himself. Daniel realizes that he can have lots of fun all on his own – by using his creativity and imagination.
  • “Daniel’s Royal Good Time”: Daniel and his friends are playing together at the castle. But when the grown-ups are busy working, they don’t know what they should do next. The kids look around for something fun to do and come up with silly games to play while the grown-ups are occupied.

Strategy Song: When grown-ups are busy and can’t play with you, look around, look around to find something to do.


Image via PBS Kids, Fred Rogers Productions

Premiering Thursday, July 12 on PBS KIDS (check local listings):

  • “Daniel’s Lunch”: Daniel is excited to eat the special lunch Dad Tiger made for him—an egg salad sandwich! When Miss Elaina declares she doesn’t like egg salad, Daniel gets upset. They learn that it’s okay to like different things, but they should always be kind to one another.
  • “Daniel Makes the Neighborhood”: Daniel Tiger goes to the park to play with his toy, Ducky, but Prince Wednesday doesn’t like Ducky. They realize while it’s fine to like different toys, they should be nice to each other even when they disagree.

Strategy Song: We like different things, and that’s just fine, but remember to be kind.


Image via PBS Kids, Fred Rogers Productions