Danielle Panabaker Gets Locked Up in John Carpenter’s THE WARD

     June 17, 2009

danielle_panabaker_image.jpgWhen speaking to Danielle Panabaker earlier this year at the set-visit for “The Crazies”, she didn’t seem at all bothered with getting labeled a “scream queen”.  In fact, she seemed to revel in it and didn’t see why the connotation was so bad.  When she pressed a room full of men who devoted their lives to covering film for an answer, we looked at each dumb founded.

Satisfied with our non-answer, the lovely Ms. Panabaker has now signed on to join Amber Heard in John Carpenter’s upcoming psychological horror thriller, “The Ward”.

In what is clearly becoming a trend of stuffing attractive women into mental institutions (see also Zach Snyder’s “Sucker Punch”), “The Ward” follows Heard as a girl who’s admitted to a psychiatric ward, meets other girls there with distinct personalities and discovers a mysterious girl haunting the halls at night.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Panabaker would play another patient in the institution, a snobbish girl who flirts with orderlies and faces electroshock therapy.

With scheduling scheduled to begin next month in Spokane, Washington, “The Ward” is set for release most likely in 2010.  If so, it would be Panabaker’s third horror film in two years.  But it would be Carpenter’s first film in twelve years and turning down an opportunity to work with Carpenter would be lunacy.  Besides, there’s clearly nothing wrong with being a scream queen.

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