Danny Boyle Says He’s Done with Franchise Films After ‘Bond 25’ Debacle

     June 18, 2019

The road to getting Bond 25 on to the big screen has been less of a movie production and more a cursed pirate trinket that brings horrible luck to anyone unlucky enough to come into contact with it. Directors are in, and then directors are out. Writer after writer has come aboard to punch up the script. A set literally exploded. Daniel Craig broke his foot and, because he didn’t undergo the same freakish Adamantium process as Tom Cruise, had to undergo surgery. (Don’t worry, he’s still extremely jacked.) Things seem relatively back on track these days—unless you believe this genuinely hilarious rumor about director Cary Joji Fukunaga delaying a day’s work because of a particularly intense Playstation sesh—but the whole debacle seems to have scared at least one person off of major franchises for good: Original director Danny Boyle.

Speaking to Metro about his upcoming film Yesterday, the Oscar-winning director noted that he came away from the Bond 25 experience knowing he’s “not cut out” for big-franchise filmmaking.

“I learned my lesson that I am not cut out [for franchises] otherwise you’re digging in the same hole…I am better not quite in the mainstream franchise movies, is the honest answer.”

The filmmaker has explained in the past that he essentially left the project because he didn’t want to split with his Trainspotting partner, John Hodge, who Boyle had brought aboard to co-write a story that the studio didn’t quite agree with. (There were some unconfirmed rumblings about the duo wanting to kill Bond at the end of their original story.) Back in March, Boyle called his departure a “great shame,” noting that “What John [Hodge] and I were doing, I thought, was really good…It wasn’t finished, but it could have been really good.”

Both Boyle and Hodge obviously went on to make Yesterday, which is, in fact, about as far from a franchise-starter as you could imagine. (Not a bad thing!) Meanwhile, Bond 25 is still slated to hit theaters on April 8, 2020, provided a meteorite doesn’t hit the set or anything.

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