Danny Huston, Jay Harrington, Adam Goldberg Will Voice Bibo Bergeron’s A MONSTER IN PARIS

     February 12, 2010


Shark Tale co-director Bibo Bergeron has nabbed Adam Goldberg, Jay Harrington, and Danny Huston to provide voices for his upcoming animated film A Monster in Paris for Europacorp, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The trio will join Bob Balaban, Catherine O’Hara, and French music pop singer Vanessa Paradis. The film, co-written by Bergeron and Stephane Kazandjian (Modern Love, Scalp), is described by THR below:

“The story, set in Paris in 1910, follows a shy movie projectionist (Harrington) and an inventor who team up with a cabaret star (Paradis), an eccentric scientist, and his monkey to save the city from a monster. The real villain, however, turns out to be the ruthless police chief (Huston).”

Hit the jump to find out why the tone that Bergeron is aiming for is being compared to King Kong and additional cast details.

Danny Huston image (1).jpgBergeron also co-directed the animated film The Road to El Dorado, but it appears he is going solo for the first time. The film is being described as a mesh between King Kong and Les triplettes de Belleville. What the hell that means is head-scratching as the two films couldn’t be farther apart, and the whole fact that one is animated and the other is live-action is also equally confusing. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see what the offspring looks like.

Meanwhile, we have character details for the rest of the cast, thanks to THR:

“Goldberg voices a delivery man without any goals in life; Balaban acts as a police captain; O’Hara plays the owner of the cabaret club.”

Balaban recently appeared in Howl, while Goldberg appeared in 2 Days in Paris and ABC’s The Unusuals. O’Hara has voiced numerous animated films, and recently did work as Judith in Where the Wild Things Are. Huston (Edge of Darkness) will be doing his first voice work, along with Better off Ted (ABC) star Harrington.

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