Danny Trejo, Anthony Michael Hall and Mickey Rourke to Star in DEAD IN TOMBSTONE

     March 15, 2012


A trio of unlikely stars is set to topline the actioner Dead in Tombstone. Mickey Rourke, Danny Trejo and Anthony Michael Hall aren’t exactly the first three names one would think to team up for an action adventure, but Deadline reports that the three are set to star in the action pic from director Roel Reine (The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption). Trejo plays the leader of a gang of outlaws who frees his half-brother (Hall) from prison in order to loot a mining town. The plan backfires when Hall double crosses Trejo and kills him. Trejo makes a deal with the devil (Rourke) and comes back from the dead to seek revenge. In essence, they fucked with the wrong zombie.

Production on Dead in Tombstone begins next week. Given Reine’s pedigree, I expect we’re in for some B-level entertainment. If they don’t play things too straight and have fun with the premise, I think Dead in Tombstone could be a good time. Really, who doesn’t want to see Zombie Danny Trejo go nuts on Anthony Michael Hall and an entire town?

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