‘Daredevil’ Season 3: Elden Henson on Foggy’s Life After Matt Murdock

     October 2, 2018

daredevil-season-3-elden-henson-interviewEarlier this year, Netflix invited a group of journalists to the Brooklyn set of Marvel’s Daredevil. The streaming network was deep into production on season 3, so we got a great sense of a story that seems to be a return to basics of sorts for the superhero series after the mystical, Hand-based madness of season 2 and The Defenders. In addition to getting a glimpse of Matt Murdock’s new church basement hideout and Wilson Fisk’s fresh-out-of-jail penthouse apartment, we got a chance to talk to stars Charlie CoxDeborah Ann WollElden Henson, and Joanne Whalley—who plays a new character, Sister Maggie—who all seemed genuinely jazzed about the grittier street-level direction new showrunner Erik Oleson is taking the series.

Below, Elden Henson discusses Foggy’s various reactions to Matt Murdock’s death, the character’s success as a lawyer, his physical transformation, why his disastrous Skype audition for Jeff Loeb guaranteed he landed the role, and the reason “avocados at law” is the one Daredevil line that will not go away.


Image via Netflix

Question: How does it feel to be back in Daredevil after popping up in other Marvel shows, does it feel good to be home?

HENSON: It does, yes. We have a lot of people on the crew that have been with us since day one so definitely feels like a family atmosphere at this point. So it’s always nice to come back and get back into the swing of things.

We heard that we can expect some major costume changes for you this season. Can you tell us anything about that?

HENSON: I spoke to Erik before this season started. He was nice enough to ask what we were hoping for with our characters. One of the things that I brought up was wanting to see Foggy evolve emotionally. He’s really done that this season. Foggy has kind of stepped out from Matt’s shadow a little bit and become his own man in some ways. It’s been exciting, man. Erik’s done a really great job this season. Not just with my character but everybody’s character. It’s going to be a good season.

How does Foggy feel about Matt early in the season, is there any anger there?

HENSON: I think there’s anger, and guilt, maybe a little resentment. It’s been an interesting ride, their relationship. Again, this season we’ve had an opportunity to see Foggy not just break out on his own but we get a look into his home life a little bit. We meet some of his family, which is really cool. [I don’t know if I was supposed to say that.] It’s been cool, man. In many ways it feels much different than seasons past but at the same time also familiar in a lot of ways.


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There was no chance for Matt and Foggy to reconcile at the end, do you think that open-ended question is haunting Foggy? And do you think there’s any room for forgiveness?

HENSON: Again, I think there are all those feelings. With how close Matt and Foggy are, at least this is my viewpoint from what I’m trying to do, much like brothers, I think, no matter what happens there’s always that love there. But I think also with family you can fight a lot worse than you could with someone else that you’re not as close with. So there’s a lot going on for Foggy in terms of how he feels about Matt.

Foggy spent two seasons basically telling Matt not to be a superhero, and then Matt died, but Foggy has also now seen there’s an entire city full of [superheroes]. Has his opinion changed?

HENSON: Foggy, he’s about the law. He believes in the law. He doesn’t waver when things have gone wrong in the past. I think that’s a really cool thing about Foggy, he doesn’t think that you need to solve problems with violence. He really believes in the law and doing things the right way. I think that comes also from how close he is to his family and his friends and how much he really loves them. He obviously doesn’t want to see anyone hurt.

Foggy’s law career has really taken off without Matt. Would it almost be fair to say that Foggy is better off without Matt?

HENSON: Financially, maybe. Yeah, look, I think in this season we’re starting to see Foggy gain some confidence. I think there is always going to be that connection that he has with Matt. I don’t think underneath it all that Foggy really cares about the money and the success as much as he cares about his best friend.


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Because Foggy is all about the law, will he be going toe-to-toe with Wilson Fisk?

HENSON: I have no idea, but from a personal standpoint, I would love to be able to work with Vincent. We still haven’t actually shot any scenes together over the first two seasons. I hope so. But I don’t know.