‘Daredevil’ Season 3 Begins Filming Later This Year

     April 5, 2017


There’s no rest for The Man without Fear. Daredevil has been the most popular among the Netflix Marvel series, and he’s on pace to feature in one show per year (Season 1 aired in 2015, Season 2 aired in 2016, and The Defenders is due out this year). He’s also showing no signs of slowing down.

Daredevil star Charlie Cox recently went on the podcast Film and Telly Stuff [via CS] and confirmed that he’s going to shoot the third season of the show later this year. “I do that later in the year,” he said. “We’ll go back and do that.” If that’s the case, it means that Daredevil Season 3 is likely to premiere sometime in 2018.

The question then becomes what the show will be about. Presumably, The Hand, the antagonist teased in Season 2 and in Season 1 of Iron Fist will be dealt with in The Defenders, so Daredevill will have to take on a new foe. Cox told ScreenGeek that he’d love for the antagonist to be Daredevil’s arch-nemesis, Bullseye:

“It’s no secret, I’ve said it before and I get in trouble every time I say it, I’d like to see Bullseye make an appearance at some point,” Cox stated in November. “I think it’s a really interesting opportunity. Deborah Ann Woll obviously does not want Bullseye to show up for obvious reasons. Elodie Yung, who plays Elektra, doesn’t want Bullseye to show up either.”

The reason being is that Bullseye has a nasty habit of killing the women that Daredevil loves. That being said, the writers shouldn’t feel locked into repeating what the comics have done. Bullseye, if written well, can still be an interesting character even if he’s not offing lead female characters just to up the stakes for the male protagonist.

Also, while fans might be itching to see Bullseye, Daredevil has other prominent villains that have yet to make an appearance like Typhoid Mary or Mr. Fear. While a clash with Bullseye does seem inevitable, I hope that the showrunners handle it well.

Daredevil will next be seen on The Defenders, which hits Netflix on August 18th.

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