Director David Slade Talks DAREDEVIL and THE WOLVERINE

     March 21, 2011


Director David Slade has taken to the Twitter machine to talk about Daredevil and Wolverine.  Slade recently became attached to direct Daredevil, but Darren Aronofsky’s sudden departure from The Wolverine has led to speculation that Slade could take the helm since he was one of the lead contenders for the gig.  Slade has now clarified not only his plans for Daredevil but also his current status in regards to The Wolverine.  Speaking about Daredevil, Slade tweeted:

So without breaking confidentiality, yes Daredevil, we have a great outline for a very strong character driven take on Mr Matt Murdock. It will bare no relation to the previous Daredevil movie in any way. We are at early planning stages and have not yet discussed any cast.

Hit the jump for more on Daredevil, as well as what Slade had to say about The Wolverine.

x-men_origins_wolverine_movie_image_hugh_jackman_01We previously reported that the new Daredevil will be based on Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s story arc “Born Again” which had the Kingpin discovering Daredevil’s secret identity and ruining his life.  Since the film is also a reboot, I imagine we’ll have to go through the chore of rehashing Daredevil’s origin story.

And what about WolverineSlade explains:

WOLVERINE, there have been no discussions about this project to date.  Interesting to see what will happen with that as the again excellent script by Chris McQuarrie was set largley [sic] in Japan.

While it’s not a definitive “No” on replacing Aronofsky, I honestly don’t know how Fox is going to proceed.  Keep in mind that Slade is also attached to direct The Last Voyage of the Demeter and that project may be further along than Daredevil and Wolverine.  There’s also an issue of what Fox wants out Wolverine.  Slade has already shown with The Twilight Saga: Eclipse that he’s willing to set aside artistic aspirations to do a no-nonsense job (and just let the script be filled with nonsense).  Perhaps that’s what Fox wants, especially now that they’re trying to figure out new locations for shooting and making sure Hugh Jackman has time in his schedule to do a blockbuster movie.

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