‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’ Ending Explained & What Season 2 Could Explore

     August 30, 2019


WARNING: Obviously MASSIVE SPOILERS for The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance inside!

Prequels can be tricky business. Especially if the source material nearly forty years old and a beloved cult classic. Retrofitting character motivations, explanations for events, and expanding the world without losing touch with the original can be a knife’s edge. Sometimes you get Midichlorians. Sometimes you get The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. What Netflix and the Jim Henson Company have done is nothing short of real-life magic. For ten episodes, audiences get lost in a world of puppetry that feels as deep and emotionally resonant as any other Peak TV drama.

But just what was going on at the end of the first season of The Dark Crystal: AoR? Where does the story go from here? And how far away are our heroes (and villains) from the final acts that take place within the narrative of the original 1982 film, The Dark Crystal? Read on to find out, and keep in mind that major spoilers lie ahead if you haven’t seen the movie or finished the new Netflix series just yet.

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