October 6, 2010


Darren Aronofsky’s name has been mentioned as a possible contender to direct major comic adaptations including Superman: The Man of Steel, Wolverine 2, and Preacher.  However, earlier this week Zack Snyder officially got the Superman gig and now Vulture is reporting that Aronofsky is now seriously considering Wolverine 2.  Apparently, Aronofsky was highly-interested in doing Superman, but wanted more time to work on the story.  It’s looking like Warner Bros. loss in Fox’s gain as Aronofsky aims to reunite with his Fountain star Hugh Jackman.  As we’ve previously reported, the script for Wolverine 2 is being handled by Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects) and would send Wolverine to Japan.

But Warner Bros. isn’t willing to let Aronofsky go without a fight.  Hit the jump to learn about the studio offering him Tales from the Gangster Squad.

Last week, we reported that Ben Affleck had been offered the cops-and-robbers drama Tales from the Gangster Squad.  Here’s what Jason wrote about that project:

The script, penned by Castle writer and former L.A. cop Will Beall, tells the story of an off-the-record gang of LAPD officers who attempt to force legendary gangster Micky Cohen out of town in the late 1940s.  The script draws substantially from the 2008 series of articles, also entitled Tales from the Gangster Squad, written by Los Angeles Times reporter Paul Lieberman.

It now looks like Affleck has turned down Gangster Squad (he also turned down The Man of Steel) and that Warner Bros. is offering the film to Aronofsky.

So do you think Wolverine is a better fit for Aronofsky than Superman?  Should he stay away from the comic book movies and go for Gangster Squad?  Sound off in the comments section.


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