‘Deadpool 2’ and ‘Baby Driver’s Darrin Prescott Explains What a Second Unit Director Does

     August 2, 2017

While you may not know Darrin Prescott’s name, you’ve definitely seen his work. Over his two decade career he’s worked on some of your favorite movies as both a second unit director and stunt coordinator. Check out his fantastic resume which includes working on films like John Wick, John Wick: Chapter 2, Baby Driver, Drive, The Hangover, Crank, Jackass: The Movie, Captain America: Civil War, Black Panther, and so much more.

Shortly before this year’s Comic-Con I sat down with Prescott for an extended video interview. While I always talk to directors, actors and producers, I don’t think enough people realize how much a second unit director contributes to the finished film and I’m hoping as I get to talk to more of them our readers will gain a new understanding of the team effort it takes to bring motion pictures to life.

baby-driver-posterDuring the interview Prescott talked about how he got his break in Hollywood, what he did on films like Jackass Number 2, Drive, Fight Club, Crank, Captain America: Civil War, Baby Driver, and Black Panther, how stunts get put together during and before filming, and so much more. In addition, early next year Prescott is getting ready to make his directorial debut on Snow Ponies starring Gerard Butler. He talked about what it’s about, where it’s filming, and who he’s willing to let direct second unit. Finally, with Prescott getting ready to do second unit on Deadpool 2, he talked about his reaction reading the script and how he got involved with the project.

Check out what he had to say in the video above and below is a list of everything we talked about.

Darrin Prescott:

  • How did he get his break in Hollywood as a stuntman?
  • How much do they prepare the stunts before filming and how much is it on set?
  • How do scripts typically describe the action sequences?
  • How 2nd unit directors and people doing the stunts don’t get enough credit.
  • What did he do on Jackass and Jackass Number 2? Talks about how some of the Jackass stuff came about on Spider-Man 2.
  • jackass-2.5-movie

    Image via Paramount

    Does he think the Jackass series is done?

  • Talks about working on Drive and how he did stunts and 2nd unit.
  • What did he do on Captain America: Civil War?
  • What is it like directing to music on Baby Driver? Talks about how Edgar Wright was the most prepared director he’s ever worked with.
  • Besides Keanu Reeves, who are some of the other actors he’s worked with that have impressed him?
  • What was the experience like working on Black Panther?
  • How does the car chase he worked on in Black Panther compare to the chase in Civil War and other movies in general?
  • How did he get involved in Deadpool 2?
  • What was his reaction reading the Deadpool 2 script?
  • Talks about how he’s going to direct Snow Ponies starring Gerard Butler.
  • What it was like working with Neveldine/Taylor on Gamer and Crank.
  • What did he do on Fight Club?

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