Movie Villain Icons: The Twilight Years

     March 23, 2012


There’s no debate that the following movie villains are some of the most iconic characters in cinema history, but what have they been up to since their days of inspiring fear and terror on-screen have long since passed? Does Star Wars’ Darth Vader spend his lonely nights lamenting his poor life decisions? Will A Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger ever hold a heartfelt conversation with someone who is actually conscious (and did he ever have to move off Elm St)? And whatever happened to The Shining’s Grady twins? Photographer Federico Chiesa and effects artist Carolina Trotta decided to explore the answers to these questions in a series of photos depicting our favorite villains in their twilight years. I’ve got to say, Friday the 13th’s Jason Vorhees is one of my all-time favorites and apparently he has really fallen on hard times. Hit the jump to see what cinema’s classic ne’er-do-wells have been up to.

The Laughing Squid (via BuzzFeed) brought the following series of photographs to our attention. While they’re all a bit melodramatic and sad (especially poor Jason), I’d say these villains have landed themselves a pretty sweet twilight era considering the amount of murders they committed in their youth.






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