Dave Bautista Says He’s Cool with Disney and Marvel after Sticking by James Gunn

     June 11, 2019


Dave Bautista showed he was incredibly loyal friend to James Gunn when Gunn was booted off Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Thankfully, all is well and Gunn is back on the movie, but at the time, Bautista was threatening to leave his role as Drax over the way Disney treated Gunn.

Bautista recently spoke to our sister site Pro Wrestling Sheet about his comments, and it looks like he and Disney/Marvel are cool. For Bautista, the issue was sticking by his friend no matter what happened:

“I hope it’s good. I never actually talked to anybody from Disney. I only ever talk to people from Marvel. And they were very understanding about the way I felt.”


“I got people who are very understanding of where I stood. A lot of them just weren’t outspoken about it. And I just happened to be very outspoken about the way I felt.”


“James [Gunn] is my friend. I love him. He helped change my life and I know he’s a decent person. He was being attacked. And what do you do when your friends are being attacked? You defend them, or you’re not really a friend.”

That shows a lot of character on Bautista’s part, and I’m betting that kind of loyalty will help his career in the long run even though he didn’t do it for career reasons.


Image via Marvel Studios

Speaking of his time in the MCU, Bautista also said that any spoilers he gave out for Endgame were completely unintentional and the result of the way the movies are shot:

“I got a little grief for this which I felt horrible for. But you’re really kept in the dark for a lot of Marvel stuff, but for Infinity War and Endgame in particular you’re just really kept in the dark. I didn’t know how Infinity War ended. I had no idea. We shot all our stuff out of sequence, bits and pieces, so I was never privy to scripts. We shot it a little over a year straight, both Infinity War and Endgame, so I didn’t know which parts were gonna be in which movies. I was just really lost. But as we started doing press for Infinity War, I had been talking to the press openly about my work schedule and that I’d been filming for a year on both these films, not knowing how the first film was going to end and that we were going to disintegrate.”


“I actually had a discussion with the Russo brothers, because all they saw was that headline: ‘Dave Bautista’s Giving Spoilers For Endgame.’ And I wasn’t at all. I was just talking very openly about my work schedule and that was before I knew that I was gonna be turned into dust!”

I like the honest insight here because that’s the flip-side of ultimate secrecy. If the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing, the right hand may end up spoiling things. It’s not done out of malice, but you can’t blame the guy for just honestly talking about his own work schedule.

Thankfully, all is well and we shall see Bautista as Drax in the next Guardians movie. But if you can’t wait that long, Bautista will next be seen in the R-rated comedy Stuber, which opens July 12th. For the full interview with Bautista, click over to Pro Wrestling Sheet.

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