Dave Chappelle’s New Netflix Special “Equanimity” Gets a Premiere Date

     November 17, 2017


Back in March, Dave Chapelle made his return to television (or at least, streaming television) after 10 years with two Netflix stand-up specials. Both “The Age of Spin” and “Deep in the Heart of Texas” premiered on the same day, giving fans two different shades of his comedy. But the current events humor of “Spin” alongside the more personal stories of “Texas” combined into a worthy comeback for the comedian, which Evan Valentine reviewed last year saying: “Dave Chappelle is back, rising like a phoenix from the ashes of his self imposed exile, with plenty of insight to share.”

Now, Chappelle is returning to Netflix with a new special, “Equanimity,” which will premiere on New Year’s Eve. In the announcement for the stand-up show, which is part of Chappelle’s $60 million overall deal with Netflix, the streaming giant released a teaser that shows Chappelle squaring off against Stranger Things‘ Eleven:

Ok, so it’s not that funny. If you’re going to go the Stranger Things route, there are definitely better clips to interact with. But I feel confident that it has no bearing on the quality of the upcoming special. As for what the Chappelle will be taking on this time around, Netflix will be releasing a description and more information closer to the premiere. For now, do yourself a favor and watch Chappelle’s previous specials if you have not done so (or watch ’em again!), especially the classics “Killin Them Softly” and “For What It’s Worth.”

Dave Chappelle: Equanimity will premiere December 31st.