David Ayer to Direct ‘The Dirty Dozen’ Remake at Warner Bros.

     December 16, 2019

david-ayer-suicide-squad-harley-quinn-margot-robbie-sliceAre you a fan of the classic 1967 war film The Dirty Dozen, but have also kind’ve thought it would have made more sense if Ernest Borgnine had a chest tattoo? Good news for you, specifically. THR reports that David Ayer, the director behind Suicide Squad and Bright, is in negotiations to both write and direct a Dirty Dozen remake at Warner Bros. Simon Kinberg—who wrote and/or produced a good portion of Fox’s X-Men franchise before making his directorial debut with Dark Phoenix—will serve as producer.

the-dirty-dozen-poster-1Directed by Robert Aldrich, the original Dirty Dozen saw a crew of expendable criminals and scoundrel, almost like some sort of suicide squad (ooooh), recruited to cross enemy lines during WWII and assassinate a number of German personnel. Noted at the time for its violence, the film boasted one heck of a unique ensemble cast, including Lee Marvin, Charles BronsonJim BrownJohn CassavetesRobert RyanTelly SavalasRobert Webber, and Donald Sutherland. (Cassavetes nabbed an Oscar nom for Best Supporting Actor.)

Ayer is an…interesting choice for the project, considering he already played with this exact prototype in Suicide Squad to genuinely disastrous results. Sure, a lot of that came down to the film getting chopped to incomprehensible pieces in the editing room, but the most important ingredient, team chemistry, wasn’t anywhere to be found in any of the footage. He did, admittedly, find better success back in 2014 in the WWII tank drama Fury, so it’ll be interesting to see which filmmaker shows up for The Dirty Dozen.

For more on what Ayer has been up to, here is the latest on the director’s attachment to Lionsgate’s El-Alamein and an image of a tatted-up Shia LaBeouf in Ayer’s crime-thriller The Tax Collector.

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