David Blue Exclusive On Set Video Interview STARGATE UNIVERSE

     October 16, 2009

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If you’ve been reading Collider, you know I’ve been a pretty loud supporter of the new Syfy show “Stargate Universe”.  While I’ve already admitted to never having seen any of the previous “Stargate” shows, that hasn’t stopped me from really enjoying the first few episodes. Trust me…if you like sci-fi, give the show a chance. I promise you’ll be surprised.

Anyway, early last week I was on the set of “Stargate Universe” and I was able to do an exclusive interview with David Blue (Eli Wallace) on the Destiny set. We talked about the sets of “Stargate Universe”, the production design, what was it like to first work on the stages, what is he excited for fans to see, Twitter, and is it true that a second season could start filming next March. If you’ve been watching “SGU”, I think you’ll really enjoy watching Blue talk candidly about the show and seeing us joke around on the set. Watch the interview after the jump:

And if you missed my reaction to the first 3 hours of “SGU”, you can read it here. Also, here’s my full set visit write-up from last week and it includes video of the Q&A with the full cast. Remember, “Stargate Universe” airs Friday nights on Syfy at 9/8c.

David Blue

  • I joke around about an interview we did at Sundance that still isn’t online yet…
  • David Blue talks about where he is standing. Talks about the Destiny ship and the actual Stargate
  • We talk about the production design and what it was like for him when he first walked on set
  • What is he excited for fans to see in upcoming episodes
  • I try and do a cool shot in the Stargate room. Sort of works.
  • Cut to the Kino Room/Blue’s room
  • Blue talks about the clothing he has to always wear
  • I have heard they might come back next year and film a second season in March. I ask if that’s true.
  • Twitter talk – what has it been like to interact with the fans directly. Talks about live twittering during the premiere with the rest of the cast

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