David Cross Exclusive Video Interview YEAR ONE

     June 19, 2009

david_cross_image__1_.jpgOpening today is director Harold Ramis’ new comedy “Year One”. To help promote the film, our partners at Omelete were invited to New York City to interview everyone involved and they sent me. So thanks to them, after the jump you can watch my exclusive video interview with David Cross.

During the interview we talked about what it’s like to do press all day, the incredible sets that were built for the film, if he had a favorite Bible story, and, of course, I asked about the “Arrested Development” movie.

If you’re a fan of David’s you’ll love this interview as he told some extremely funny stories. And if you missed the movie clips from “Year One”, here’s a link to see them.

David Cross

  • We talk about doing all the press and what it’s like – after a few seconds one of the camera people realized we were recording. Watch as David and I start laughing…
  • David says some extremely funny things
  • We talk about the insane sets they built for this
  • I ask if he had a favorite Bible story that was or wasn’t in the film
  • Will the Arrested Development movie is going to happen

note: this interview was mistakenly shot 16:9 – it’s not your eyes

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