David Duchovny on CALIFORNICATION Season 4

     April 9, 2010


Earlier today, we were at the press day for The Joneses (which we’ll have more on closer to the April 16th release date), starring Demi Moore and David Duchovny as a seemingly perfect family who moves into a suburban neighborhood and immediately impresses everyone they meet, but who, in reality, are really a fake family, commissioned by a marketing company to introduce new products around the world.

During the interview, Duchovny took some time to give an update on where his Californication character, Hank Moody, will be going in Season 4 of the popular Showtime series, which starts filming on April 19th for a possible September premiere. He also said that he really enjoys getting to work with new guest stars each season, and that the upcoming season promises some great ones. Check out what he had to say after the jump:

Question: David, what’s in store for Hank Moody on the next season of Californication?

David: Well, last year, we left Hank going to jail. Last year was a decent, but it’s a comedy too, so we went about as far down as we could, in terms of keeping this a comedic show. We’re not trying to be a drama. So now, I think this year is going to be about rising up, and using that as the low point.

californication_image_david_duchovny__6_.jpgWhat parts of Hank Moody, that we haven’t seen, do you still want to dig into?

David: For me, every season is always new with a new set of guest stars, which is really refreshing for all of us. Last year, we had Kathleen Turner and Peter Gallagher. This year, we’re going to have some new people as well. For me, when approaching Hank, what I always like is for him to have a worthy adversary. He’s a malcontent. He’s always arguing with people and, when he’s arguing with people that can’t argue back, or aren’t strong adversaries, I see it as bullying and I don’t like it as much. When he has somebody like the self-help guru in the second year, I like that very much because he’s actually fighting for something, rather than just destroying things.

Can you name-drop any of the guest stars?

David: We don’t really know. I would tell you, but we haven’t gotten anybody yet.

What are the roles that you’d be casting?

David: Hank’s lawyer is one. And, there’s a famous Hollywood actress.

Do you worry about topping the outrageousness of it, each season?

californication_image_david_duchovny__4_.jpgDavid: I don’t, but I’m sure the writers do. It’s tough. It’s hard. There’s only so much puke.

How many more seasons do you see doing that show for?

David: I don’t know. It’s such a pleasure to do because it’s almost like a vacation, especially now that I’m living in New York. I get to come out to L.A. and shoot it for three months and, unlike The X-Files, it’s not a 10 ½-month schedule, so I really like doing it. I think it will get canceled before I get tired of it. Cable doesn’t have to go that long because the economics of it are different from free TV. I would hope we’d do six seasons of 12 episodes each.

Do you know when the new season will premiere?

David: No, but I think it must be in September. We’re going to start shooting on the 19th, so we’re about to start.