David Duchovny Still Wants to Believe in a 3rd X-FILES Movie

     October 20, 2009


I think it’s terrific that David Duchovny is so excited to do another “X-Files” movie despite the quality and non-existent box office of 2008’s “The X-Files: I Want to Believe”.  I think it’s hilarious that when the show was still on the air, Duchovny couldn’t get away fast enough and had his ass abducted off the show.  But now, as he’s done before, Duchovny is cheerleading another “X-Files” movie.  Hit the jump to have the conspiracy go eat itself.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, Duchovny had this to say in regards to another “X-Files” movie:

However, Duchovny looks forward to filming a third X-Files film in the near future. “As far as the X-Files movie I’d like to do next, if we get a chance to do it, would be a return to the heart and soul of the mythology, which is the alien-oriented conspiracy. I think it’s natural for The X-Files to have another movie in 2012, so we’ll see if we get to do it.” He defends last year’s widely panned I Want to Believe, as well as the polarizing last few seasons of the television run: “I was happy with it… I have nothing but respect for [X-Files creator] Chris Carter and the writing staff.”

I think with the word “mythology”, Duchovny has killed this third movie before it even got off the ground.  Go to the Wikipedia page for “The X-Files” and have it explain the mythology and try not scream out loud, “What the fuck is this?!”  The mythology was always the weakest part of “The X-Files” and going back to it is impossible because the movie would spend half of its running time just trying to explain what happened in the TV series.  Also, I don’t see what’s “natural” about getting another movie in 2012 unless you’re hoping that everyone has forgotten the last one by then.

In spite of all of this, I’m not opposed to another “X-Files” movie.  I don’t think we particularly need one and nothing is going to untangle the mess the show left at its end.  However, I think if you relegated Chris Carter to an executive producer position, dropped conspiracies and aliens, and found a smart genre writer and director, then I could maybe see myself whistling Mark Snow’s iconic theme again.