Watch: ‘Shazam!’ Director David F. Sandberg Explains the Necessary Compromises of Filmmaking

     July 8, 2019


A whole YouTube sub-genre has popped up in the past few years pointing out goofs in filmmaking. The whole idea is so that the YouTuber can show that he or she is smarter than the filmmakers and we can all have a good laugh at the expense of the expensive movie that people poured years of their lives into making. Keep in mind that these videos aren’t critiques of themes or larger structural issues, but rather noticing something like “Why doesn’t this character do what I would have done in this scene?” or “That extra isn’t giving a committed performance.”

Director David F. Sandberg has released a brief video on YouTube explaining that all the flaws people like to knock are the results of bigger issues. A director is so busy trying to solve the larger issues of a movie, whether it relates to costumes design or VFX work or some other element, that sometimes an insignificant issue that has no bearing on the plot or characters gets missed. He uses his latest film, Shazam!, as an example of things that are “wrong” but are really just the consequences of trying to solve bigger problems like needing the young actors to wear their coats later in the movie so they keep them on earlier in the picture rather than just magically getting outerwear.

What Sandberg does in less than five minutes is show how obnoxious and pointless those “Everything Wrong With” videos are. It would be like someone shouting at you every time you used a filler word or tripped over a sentence rather than listening to what you actually have to say. Picking over a movie for every “flaw” and turning that into a YouTube video doesn’t show that you’re smarter than the filmmaker. If anything, it shows how little you actually know about how filmmaking works.

Check out the video below.

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