David Fincher Says 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA Will Be 70% CG, Talks Motion-Capture

     August 12, 2011

While director David Fincher is undoubtedly deep into post-production work on his latest effort The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, he recently talked a bit about one of the many other projects on his radar. Fincher has been developing an adaptation of Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea for a while, but we haven’t really heard much about the project as of late. However, the director recently revealed that his version would probably be 70% CG, providing an update on the film and reassuring fans that the film is still definitely something he plans on doing. Hit the jump to see what Fincher had to say.

20000-leagues-under-the-sea-imageWhile attending an Actors Studio Q&A at the Swedish Film Institute (via /Film), Fincher was asked if he would ever be interested in doing a motion-capture or performance capture-film, to which he responded:

“I would love to to something like that. I would love to do something probably more like Avatar than Tintin. I like the idea of something that is a little more… complicated. (chuckles) I love the idea of a ‘cartoon’, but I would like it to be sort of very, very dense. And, in fact, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea will be probably 70% CG. […] I love motion capture and think it’s only in its infancy, and eventually there won’t be a difference between motion capture and acting. Because that’s all motion capture is, is being able to capture acting.”

Fincher is a known technophile, so it makes sense that he would be intrigued by motion-capture technology. In an interview with Steve last year, he revealed that 20,000 Leagues would be 3D, which would certainly look gorgeous in correlation with Fincher’s CG work. I’m really hoping the director’s version of the film gets made. It sounds wildly ambitious, and the prospect of him taking on a big adventure movie is delectable.

While it would be great if he could get to work on it after The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo opens this December, screenwriter Steven Zaillian has already started work on the sequel, The Girl Who Played With Fire, and if Dragon Tattoo is the big hit that it looks to be, Sony will want to get cracking on the follow-up sooner rather than later. Nevertheless, it sure sounds like 20,000 Leagues is definitely still on his plate, and he looks to be thinking quite critically about the production.

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