David Fincher and Eric Roth to Remake British Miniseries HOUSE OF CARDS for as a Weekly One-Hour Drama

     October 21, 2009


Director David Fincher is getting into the television game and making his debut with an adaptation of the BBC political-thriller miniseries, “House of Cards”.  Based on Michael Dobbs’ book of the same name, “Cards” will be re-adapted for U.S. audiences as a weekly one-hour drama. Fincher with executive producer along side his “Curious Case of Benjamin Button” screenwriter Eric Roth.  Hit the jump for more details on how Fincher and Roth plan to transform the series because U.S. audiences don’t know what a Prime Minister does.

Set at the end of Margaret Thatcher’s tenture as the British Prime Minister, the original version focused on a former Conservative Party chief of staff who follows a hungry politician who wants to be the new PM.  Actor Ian Richardson won a BAFTA for his performance and writer Andrew Davies won an Emmy.

According to THR, Fincher’s version moves the story to the U.S. but retains the focus on the issues of political ambition and blackmail.  So I guess where as a series like “The West Wing” showed what politics could be at its best, “House of Cards” shows politics at its worst (e.g. what it actually is).  It is a bit strange that during the Bush years of our government at its weakest and most deceptive we got “West Wing” and now we’re getting “House of Cards” with Hopey McChange in office.  Oddly enough, “West Wing” creator Aaron Sorkin wrote David Fincher’s upcoming film, “The Social Network”.

The project is expected to be shopped to networks soon and I would be surprised if Fincher didn’t direct the pilot himself as that seems to be a common pattern when a film director decides to produce a television show.