David Fincher Talks ‘Mindhunter’, Serial Killers & Learning from ‘Zodiac’ in Charlie Rose Interview

     October 9, 2017



Hey did you know there’s a new David Fincher series dropping on Netflix this week? You’d be forgiven if you didn’t. Both Netflix and the Gone Girl director have been running a surprisingly quiet campaign for the new series, Mindhunter, which follows Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany as a pair of FBI agents who interview convicted serial killers to learn how criminals think and apply it to their investigations.

The crime series debuts on the streaming service this Friday, October 13th and in what’s proving to be a rare interview for this particular project, Fincher joined McCallany and Groff on Charlie Rose this week to talk about his new series, why he keeps coming back to serial killers, and what he learned from Zodiac. You can watch the full interview below, which also features some clips from the series or check out highlights in the quotes underneath.

For Fincher, Mindhunter is an opportunity to undo the mystique of the genius, human serial killer like Hannibal Lecter or Fincher’s own creation, Seven‘s John Doe — characters he described as the “Wile E.Coyote supergenius.” Instead, Fincher wants to get back to the idea that serial killers are real, sad people and they are very very different from your average person.

“I don’t want to talk about the gourmet, you know, opera expert who — you know, to me these are very sad people under who have, you know, grown up under horrendous circumstances. This is not — this is not to, you know, overstate how much empathy or sympathy we should have for them but it’s just simply a fact…We’d seen so much, you know, of this sort of literary conceit of, there’s a very fine line separates the hunters from the hunted. And I really thought it was time to sort of take that back and make it, really, the reason that we are fascinated with them is because we’re nothing like them. They are unfathomable.”

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