Watch: Video Essay Breaks Down How David Fincher’s Camera Work Connects You to His Characters

     October 20, 2017


Feeling a little David Fincher obsessed after Mindhunter? You’re not alone. He’s one of the best filmmakers working right now, so it makes sense that we all end up a bit fascinated every time he drops a new project. Especially one that’s piling up rave reviews like Fincher’s new serial killer Netflix series. But that might not be the only reason you can’t get the filmmaker out of your head. As a new video essay breaks down, Fincher’s camera movements can start to affect the way you see the world.

The video comes from YouTuber Nerdwriter1, who offers an analysis of the way Fincher locks his camera in sync with his character with insane specificity, connecting the audience to their every action, movement, and gesture, pulling the viewer into lockstep with the characters’ behavior and experience. It’s a pretty fascinating and concise summary of one of Fincher’s cinematic tricks, and it showcases how he’s used the technique in every film throughout his career. Check it out in the video below and start to make sense of why he’s got a reputation for filming so many damn takes.

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