David Fincher’s THE SOCIAL NETWORK Gets a Status Update

     August 23, 2009


Remember when it was announced that Hollywood was going to be making a Facebook movie?  Everyone was, like, “What? Why? This is stupid.”   Do you guys also remember when it was later on announced a couple of weeks later that superstar writer Aaron Sorkin was going to be writing the script and everyone was, like, “Are you kidding me?”  Then, do you guys remember when David Fincher was brought on board to direct this Facebook movie and everyone was, like, “………..”   Well, this instantly infamous Facebook movie has now been given the greenlight and it will now officially be David Fincher’s next film.  To find out more about “The Social Network” and why it might be an amazing film follow me after the jump.

I was like a lot of you.  I laughed at the idea of a Facebook movie.  I couldn’t wrap my mind around what it would be like.   I didn’t think that it was even possible to somehow make a movie out of Facebook.   I thought the planned film became even more ridiculous when Aaron Sorkin (“The West Wing”, “Charlie Wilson’s War”) was announced as the writer.  It all sounded like a parody of Hollywood.  When David Fincher was then announced as being attached to the project I was left speechless.  The whole project was the definition of “wtf” to me.

mark_zuckerberg_facebook_founder_01.jpgThis all changed though after the first script review popped out online courtesy of Script Shadow.  The review praised the screenplay and called described it as being “Unpredictable, funny, touching, sand sad” The website even rated the screenplay as being “Incredible” This changed my thoughts towards the planned Facebook movie completely. I was just surprised that the film would be about the rise and fall of the men who created Facebook and not a thriller about status updating.

This has been one of the many porjects on David Finchers plate. The director like to keep his future filled with a number of options but now End of the Line [via /Film]  confirms that “The Social Network”, in fact, be Fincher’s next directing project.  I’m very interested  in seeing this film just out of pure curiousty, but, I’m also very let down that this will be Fincher’s next film since I would love to see his adaptation of Charles Burns’ brilliant graphic novel, “Black Hole”, come to life instead.

“The Social Network” is based on Ben Mezrich’s book, “The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, a Tale of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal”  Both the film and the book tell the story of Eduardo Saverin and Mark Zuckerberg, the founders of Facebook.  You can buy the book on amazon right now if you want to find out more about this supposedly crazy real-life tale before the film hits theaters sometime in the near future.

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