Watch Director David Leitch Go Deep on ‘Deadpool 2’ in 30-Minute Q&A

     May 17, 2018


Last night at IMAX HQ in Los Angeles, Collider hosted an early screening of Deadpool 2 for some of our readers and after the screening ended, I moderated an extended spoiler-free Q&A with director David Leitch. During the in-depth conversation he talked about how he got into directing, how he was pitching doing an X-Force movie before he got involved in the Deadpool sequel, the editing process, what they added in additional photography, filming the action, how they got Celine Dion to do a song, what people would be surprised to learn about Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin, the toughest sequence to pull off and why, and so much more.

Since we had a ton of people asking for tickets for the screening/Q&A (we had over 1,000 people ask for tickets), I wanted to at least share what I could from the event which, thanks to IMAX, is the full Q&A that aired on Facebook Live last night.

Finally, I’d like to give a big thank you to IMAX for being such an awesome screening partner, 20th Century Fox for letting us show the movie before it’s in theaters, and to a very tired and jet-lagged David Leitch for coming to our event!

Here’s a list of some of the questions in the order they were asked:

  • Talks about his background doing stunt work and how he got into the industry.
  • How he worked with the Wachowskis and many other great directors.
  • How did he get involved in the Deadpool sequel?
  • What he wanted to do with the action.
  • Cable’s backstory.
  • What was he nervous to pull off before filming began?
  • Who ruined the most takes and why?
  • What would people be surprised to learn about Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin?
  • How many alt jokes are on the cutting room floor?
  • What was the editing process like?
  • Test screening talk.
  • How did they get Celine Dion and the other songs?
  • What did they add in additional photography?
  • Toughest sequence to pull off and why?
  • Fan questions.

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