David Lynch Books Mel Brooks, Robert Plant, and More for His L.A. Music Festival

     June 21, 2016


David Lynch‘s obsessions are vast, complicated, and occasionally abrasive. The cinema is arguably chief amongst those areas of intense fascination, and his oeuvre is filled-to-bursting with symbolic nods to his own personal impulses, tendencies, and ideas, which gives them an inimitable flavor, look, and trajectory, to say the least. He’s also quite particular about his coffee, and has a surprisingly nimble spiritual side that he explored in a book about Transcendental Meditation.

david-lynchIt’s not surprising that music is also incredibly important to Lynch. He’s collaborated closely with his regular composer, Angelo Badalamenti, on the scores for all his films, and the music that he chooses for his soundtracks suggest the taste of a seasoned addict of noise. Earlier this year, the avant-garde rock outfit Xiu Xiu released one of their best records to date, made up solely of music inspired by the sounds of Twin Peaks. Not surprisingly, they’re one of the acts slated to appear at Lynch’s recently announced Los Angeles music festival, which will take place on October 8th and 9th at L.A.’s Ace Theatre Hotel and Theatre, as Consequence of Sound reports.

Lynch has also booked Roots drummer and all-around awesome person Questlove, St. Vincent, Rhye, and Robert Plant to perform at the festival, which will also feature talks by Twin Peaks cast members Kyle McLachlan and Laura Dern, comedy legend Mel Brooks, and Blondie singer Debbie Harry. There will also be guided Transcendental Meditation sessions and rarely screened shorts by Lynch and shut up and take all of my money right now, you lunatics!

In all honesty, it sounds like a freaking blast, and those who have seen St Vincent live will attest to how astonishing the act of simply watching her play is. There will obviously be other activities and appearances and, as befits a Lynch joint, most of it is being kept very secret. Tickets for this shindig go on sale on June 24th at 10 AM PST, and all funds will go to the David Lynch Foundation, which works to help reduce toxic stress and trauma from victims of domestic violence, PTSD-afflicted veterans, and urban youth through meditation. That’s good to know, but it’s not like I necessarily needed the “helping society” angle to go watch Robert “I sang When the Levees Break” Plant and Mel Brooks on stage.


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