David Lynch Releases First Electronic Single “Good Day Today” on iTunes

     November 29, 2010


Director David Lynch (Blue Velvet) has released his first original electronic single “Good Day Today”, backed with the narcotic blues track “I Know”, on iTunes.  Lynch has signed the track to UK indie label Sunday Best Recordings.  Sunday Best has commissioned a set of remixes of “Good Day Today” set for release in January.

While this is Lynch’s first original electronic single, the legendary filmmaker has been creating music for decades.  He composed bits of music for Wild at Heart, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, Mulholland Drive, and Rabbits.  He also produced and wrote lyrics for Julee Cruise’s first two albums, “Floating Into the Night” and “The Voice of Love”.  Lynch recently collaborated on the album “Dark Knight of the Soul” with Sparklehouse and Danger Mouse.  Click here to go buy “Good Day Today” on iTunes and hit the jump for the full press release.

good_day_today_album_coverHere’s the press release:



Legendary film director DAVID LYNCH has created his first original electronic single “Good Day Today,” backed with a narcotic blues track “I Know,” and has signed it to leading U.K. independent label Sunday Best Recordings. Both tracks materialize today, Monday, November 29 as an exclusive release via iTunes.

LYNCH’s creative output has long been an inspiration for countless electronic music producers. Now he draws on his seemingly endless creative reserves as he succinctly sums up years of musical experimentation into his first ever solo electronic production. With a stamp that is undoubtedly LYNCH, “Good Day Today” features the legend himself on vocals and on production duties. There can be no higher accolade for the electronic genre that LYNCH has chosen to launch a solo project in part inspired by electronic music.

“Good Day Today” was mistakenly credited to Underworld by Jason Bentley due to its warm synth sounds when it first aired on his hugely influential Los Angeles-based KCRW radio show “Morning Becomes Eclectic.” The debate about who created this track is still raging via the Underworld website and message boards—some testament to LYNCH’s first electronic outing. Bentley put the record into the hands of Sunday Best Recordings director Ben Turner at the International Music Summit in Ibiza. Turner played the record to label head Rob da Bank and the pair snapped up the release soon after, signing the track for the world.

“Good Day Today” is joined by the trippy blues track “I Know” for its exclusive digital release on iTunes today. Sunday Best has commissioned a stellar set of remixes of the single for full release in January which will feature artwork created by Vaughan Oliver, the esteemed graphic designer behind timeless album covers by Pixies, The Breeders and Cocteau Twins.

DAVID LYNCH comments: “In all my films, I have always been very involved with all that one hears. The creation of this record was a natural extension of my love of sound and music. I am very happy to be with Sunday Best with the songs ‘Good Day Today’ and ‘I Know.’ This feels like a good partnership and I’m looking forward to everyone having a good day today.”

“If I hadn’t just pinched myself, I’d swear I was dreaming that we’re actually putting out a record by David Lynch,” Sunday Best Recordings’ Rob da Bank adds. “It proves that not only is he a master director responsible for many of my favorite films, but he’s also a talented producer with an innate sense of how powerful music is and can be. I can’t wait to unleash this fantastic record on the world.”

Sunday Best Recordings: Founded in 1995 by BBC Radio One DJ Rob da Bank, Sunday Best Recordings was spawned from the popular south London clubbing institution of the same name. Introducing the world to new acts via the legendary Sunday Best compilations, the label is currently home to Kitty Daisy & Lewis, Beardyman, danlesac vs Scroobius Pip, David E Sugar and the Dub Pistols. The label is A&R’d by da Bank.

David Lynch: Arguably the most renowned avant-garde film director and visual artist of his time, David Lynch is known for his unflaggingly original cinematic projects including Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive, Lost Highway and The Elephant Man, not to mention his cult hit TV series “Twin Peaks.”

This is not his first foray into the musical realm, as Lynch has a history of working with a host of musical luminaries. While making Blue Velvet, he needed a certain type of song for an important scene so Lynch and his film composer Angelo Badalamenti wrote the song “Mysteries of Love” to be sung by Julee Cruise. This led to Lynch and Badalamenti writing and producing an entire album with Julee Cruise, entitled Floating Into The Night.” The song “Falling” was the theme music for “Twin Peaks” and won a Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental. In 2008, having composed small sections for his other films and his musical ambitions growing, he became the eponymous creator of a record label David Lynch MC. More recently Lynch collaborated on the album Dark Night of the Soul with Sparklehorse and Danger Mouse. Lynch designed a 100-page booklet to accompany the album, which was initially delivered—after disputes with the record company—in the form of a blank CD-R on which fans were told to “use as you will.”

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