David Lynch Shows His Support for Black Lives Matter in Extreme David Lynch Fashion

     June 3, 2020


David Lynch can’t do anything like a normal human being, because it is his destiny and honestly we would expect nothing different from him. The famed auteur director just voiced his support for Black Lives Matter and the current protests against police brutality in pure Lynchian fashion on an episode of his daily Weather Report on YouTube.

Lynch has been regularly posting videos on his channel David Lynch Theater in a few different series, including What Is David Working on Today? and Weather Report. In Weather Report, the director literally looks outside his window and briefly describes the weather in Los Angeles that day. The reports usually clock in at under 60 seconds, but today’s report was longer. After listing the different weather features he sees outside his window, Lynch walks offscreen, revealing a poster that reads “Black Lives Matter. Peace Justice No Fear.” He films the poster by itself for almost another minute, as he (judging by the sound of it) begins working with an angle grinder or table saw. It’s… bizarre.

Showing support for the movement is incredibly important, and I’m glad (but not surprised) to know that Lynch is on the right side of history, particularly as the protests increase in size and scope (and, unfortunately, in violent attacks by police). I’m not quite sure how I feel about the way in which he demonstrated his support, but the message is undeniably David Lynch in every possible way. Check out the video below, and for more on Lynch, check out his thoughts on the upcoming Dune remake.