Watch David Lynch Deliver a Brief Weather Report; No Really, That’s It

     May 11, 2020

Finally, some bright, sunny news in these dark times: David Lynch is once again delivering random weather reports, a delightful hobby the Oscar-nominee stopped doing ten years ago. On this date, May 11, 2020, the Twin Peaks creator settled down in what looks to be an apocalypse bunker to let the world know that Los Angeles is “kind of cloudy.” Seriously. That’s all that happens. I’ve already watched it six dozen times. I’m 2,500 words into a treatise on how it’s actually a metaphor for the corrupted heart at the center of rural America.

The thing I love most about David Lynch, besides the fact that his hair looks like a raging tempest whipped up by Poseidon himself, is that the Mulholland Drive director has built up such a sturdy reputation as an avant-garde master that I watch this video of the man literally saying “it is 64 degrees Celsius” it’s like, okay maybe there’s something to be gleaned here about the distorted nature of information as delivered by interchangeable media personalities at the front of an innately numbers-driven system.

Or maybe David Lynch just wants to talk about the weather! Either option is okay with me!

Check out the video below. For more on what David Lynch has been up to, make sure to read up on What Did Jack Do?, the Netflix short film in which the filmmaker interrogates a murder suspect who is also a monkey. There is also his, uh, very candid thoughts on Denis Villeneuve‘s upcoming Dune adaptation.

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