David Mamet and Disney Reopen THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK

     August 12, 2009


Disney has acquired the rights to “The Diary of Anne Frank”, the justly famous memoir of a young Jewish girl’s life in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam.  David Mamet will adapt the screenplay and direct the film for the studio.  More after the jump.

THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK.jpgAccording to BFDealMemo, Mamet will use Frank’s diary along with the original stage play that became the basis for Fox’s 1959 film to craft his vision of Frank’s story.  This latest “Diary of Anne Frank” is being produced by Andrew Braumsberg, best known for steering the Peter Seller’s masterwork “Being There”.

While we all like to joke about Holocaust movies being Oscar bait, I am of the opinion that no motive is suspect when it will result in more people becoming aware of Anne Frank and her remarkable diary.

And say what you will about Disney but I think it shows intelligence and balls to hire Mamet for this project.  Just think, they could have gone with a Shankman on this but they instead chose a guy whose last release, “Redbelt”, made all of $2.6 million at the box office – worldwide.  Wherever Mamet’s mind wants to take this one, I am willing to follow.

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