David O. Russell May Direct Buddy Cianci Biopic

     April 7, 2011


As if there wasn’t enough speculation about what David O. Russell will direct as his follow-up to The Fighter, a new project has entered the ring.  Vulture reports that O. Russell is circling a biopic of former Providence mayor and convicted criminal Buddy Cianci.  Producer Jane Rosenthal has been developing the project for twelve years and she plans to adapt some of Cianci’s new book, Politics and Pasta, into the movie.  She says that conversations are ongoing with O. Russell and that on the red carpet, he would approach her and say “Jane! I’ve got to talk to you about that Buddy movie.”  But that’s a long way from any serious negotiations and Cianci still would need to sell his life rights.  Furthermore, despite going to jail for five years for racketeering, he’s considering a run for his old job in 2014, so a movie might complicate matters.

Hit the jump for a recap of all the other projects on O. Russell’s plate.

While it’s possible that all the pieces may suddenly come together for a Buddy Cianci biopic, O. Russell has plenty of other films he could do next:

  • Uncharted – an adaptation of the adventure video game starring Mark Wahlberg
  • Cocaine Cowboys — a Mark Wahlberg-led remake of the 2008 documentary about late 70s/early 80s Miami drug trafficker Jon Roberts
  • The Silver Lining’s Playbook – an adaptation of the Matthew Quick novel with Anne Hathaway and Bradley Cooper mentioned for the leads
  • A Dirty Harry-esque cop drama with Ice Cube
  • 2 Guns – a comic adaptation starring Vince Vaughn
  • Under Cover – a comedy in which Jim Carrey joins a cover band
  • Old St. Louis – a drama in the vein of Paper Moon, with Vince Vaughn and Chloe Moretz attached to star
  • Joe – a modern version of the Biblical story of Job with Will Smith attached to star
  • A biopic of filmmaker Russ Meyer
  • A sequel to The Fighter.


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