THE KING’S SPEECH Oscar Winner David Seidler Will Write THE JUDGE and GAMES OF 1940

     March 23, 2011


For me, the greatest outcome of The King’s Speech‘s success was getting to know screenwriter David Seidler — the wittiest, most eloquent interviewee on the press circuit in 2010.  One Oscar later, and Seidler is rightfully in demand.  He just signed on to write for two projects: the family drama The Judge and the WWII tale Games of 1940.

Nick Schenk (Gran Torino) wrote the original script for The Judge, which centers on an attorney who returns home for his mother’s funeral — he learns that his father who suffers from Alzheimer’s is suspected of murder.  Warner Bros. has hired Seidler to rewrite the screenplay.  David Dobkin (Fred Claus) will direct The Judge and produce with Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey.

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According to Variety, Seidler and fellow writer Luca Manzi came up with the idea for Games of 1940 when they visited the Warsaw sports museum several years ago.  They were inspired by the true story of a group of POWs in a Nazi prison camp who staged the “International Prisoner-of-War Olympic Games” when the 1940 Olympics were cancelled due to World War II.  As a sign of unity, the prisoners drew the Olympic rings and banners for Belgium, France, Great Britain, Norway, Poland, Russia, and Yugoslavia in crayon on a shirt and called it a flag.

The POW games were previously depicted in the 1980 Polish film Olympics 1940.  But given the relative obscurity of that film, there’s plenty of room for a new version of the story.  And I hope you’ll grant me the anticipation of an inspirational true story set during World War II from the writer of The King’s Speech.  (If only so we get a couple dozen more Seidler interviews in 2012.)

Frank Marshall, Kathleen Kennedy, Rodrigo Teixeira, Fernando Loureiro, and Jeff Aghassi are producing Games of 1940.


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