David Tennant & Michael Sheen Reunite for ‘Good Omens: Lockdown’ Mini-Episode

     May 1, 2020


It seems that in the time of Coronavirus, angels and demons have to social distance just like the rest of us. At least according to the world of Good Omens, the Amazon Prime Original inspired by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman‘s extraordinary novel of the same name. David Tennant and Michael Sheen co-starred in the adaptation as the demon Crowley and angel Aziraphale, respectively, and the duo has reunited (from a safe social distance) for the new mini-episode Good Omens: Lockdown.

Written by Gaiman himself and assembled with the help of series director Douglas Mackinnon, the video short finds the fan-favorite celestial pair catching up from their respective quarantines. Despite what you might expect, it’s Crowley who’s having a real bummer time, discontent to spread fear and sorrow when good ol’ COVID-19 is doing such a good job of that already. Meanwhile, Aziraphale is having a rather lovely time baking up a storm in his bookshop. There’s plenty of little callbacks and Easter Eggs for eagle-eyed viewers along the way and it’s a simple little reunion, but Tennant and Sheen remain an impossibly charming pair.

The Lockdown video comes as Good Omens the novel turns 30 in May. “This is our present to all of you,” Gaiman said on Twitter. “It’s to make people happy, because too many of us are sad.” Check out the video below and cherish the way Tennant delivers the line “I could… slither over and watch you eat cake.”

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