David Yates and Susanna White Circling TARZAN at Warner Bros. [UPDATED]

     June 18, 2012


Could Tarzan become the next Snow White?  Hot off the heels of “The Great Snow White Race of 2012,” it appears that another possible Tarzan film has been thrown into the pile of gestating adaptations.  Constantain Films is currently in production on a 3D animated iteration of the “man raised by apes” story starring Kellan Lutz, and now it appears that three high profile directors are eyeing a separate Tarzan project at Warner Bros.  David Yates, who helmed the last four Harry Potter films for WB and Generation Kill’s Susanna White are said to be interested in the new Tarzan pic scripted by Adam Cozad (the Jack Ryan reboot).  Hit the jump for more. [Update: Gary Ross was previously reported to be in the mix but representatives say that he is not pursuing this project.]

david-yates-tarzanBuried in a story on Deadline about Cozad signing with CAA (plucked out by The Playlist) is word that the scribe’s Tarzan script has piqued the interest of Yates, Ross and White.  It’s a curious notion, really, as both Yates and Ross are in the position of being able to direct pretty much whatever they want.  The former was recently forced to bow out of reteaming with Emma Watson on the drama Your Voice in My Head as his post-Potter project, and he’s been keen on doing a smaller film before devling back into big budget features.  He’s also been developing the Al Capone biopic Cicero with Tom Hardy set to star, which is said to be eyeing a shoot sometime next year.

As for Ross, he recently declined to return for The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire as the studio is bent on rushing the film into production. Last month he entered talks to direct The Secret Life of Houdini, an adventure film about the famed magician, and he’s also mulling over a number of personal projects that are now much easier to greenlight following the smashing success of The Hunger Games.

susanna-whiteI can’t help but feel like Yates and Ross are both a bit above doing a Tarzan movie, and White feels like the only likely contender here.  She’s best known for TV fare like Generation Kill and Boardwalk Empire, but she recently helmed the feature Nanny McPhee Returns.  There’s also the matter of Footloose and Hustle & Flow director Craig Brewer’s own take on Tarzan.  He was set to adapt the story as a potential trilogy for Warner Bros. at the same time that the studio had Cozad working on his own iteration, and Brewer seemed incredibly passionate about the project.

Cozad must have written one hell of a Tarzan script to get Yates and Ross interested, but I still feel like they have bigger/more original fish to fry.  As I mentioned, this report was buried in a separate report so we really don’t know exactly how deep the aforementioned filmmakers are regarding their interest in the project.  Time will tell who—if any—takes the gig, but personally I’d love to see Brewer’s take while Yates and Ross bring their passion projects to the screen.

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