DEAD ISLAND Film Adaptation is Back on Track

     August 1, 2014


It’s been quite a while since we posted anything on that Dead Island video game-to-film adaptation, but it looks like Occupant Entertainment and Deep Silver are digging it up again.  It’s a role-playing survival game in which a highly infectious disease turns a resort full of people into zombies after which four immune survivors are tasked with tracking down supplies and finding a way to call for help.

Not only has Dead Island sold over eight million units worldwide, but it’s also got an absolutely stunning Cannes Golden Lion-winning teaser trailer that even inspired a live-action remake.  You can check out both trailers as well as more details about the possible film adaptation after the jump.

dead-island-movieBack in 2011, it was Lionsgate that snatched up the rights to the game, but the project stalled.  The rights then went back to the publisher, Deep Silver, and now they’ve opted to team up with Occupant, the indie producing company behind All the Boys Love Mandy Lane and The Wackness, to finally make it happen.  In fact, they’re fast-tracking it with hopes of starting production in early 2015.

There’s a sequel to Dead Island that’s expected to hit stores in spring 2015, so, according to Deadline, the two companies are now looking for a director with “an innovative take based on either the first game or its sequel, or something in between.”  Occupant’s Joe Neurauter and Felipe Marino stated:

“Deep Silver has created a highly successful game franchise based on very cinematic, widely viewed and well received trailers, which provide a great template for launching a film franchise with a distinctive and commercial take on the zombie apocalypse.  We want to find the right filmmaker and present somewhat of an open canvas, to make something distinct and original that also appeals to and expands the core audience.”

I’ve never played the game so I’m not aware of what would make a Dead Island movie different from the many other zombie apocalypse films out there, but it’s hard not to get excited about the idea after checking out those trailers.  Even the Dead Island 2 promo, which has a strikingly different tone than the highly acclaimed one for the original, is wildly impressive.  You can check both of them out as well as that live-action remake below.

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