CBS Joins the Zombie TV Horde with ‘Dead Mann Walking’ Series

     November 3, 2015


It seems that undead programming is not going to die any time soon. With The Walking Dead slaying viewer numbers each week for AMC, and that channel already working on its third spin-off series, the zombie genre certainly still seems fresh. And now that CBS has dipped a cautious toe into the comic book TV craze with Supergirl, it seems ready to experiment some more, this time with the re-animated.

According to THR, the series Dead Mann Walking — based on a book by Stefan Petrucha and written by Continuum creator Simon Barry — will still manage to be a tried-and-true CBS procedural, but with an undead bent.


Set in the near future, Dead Mann Walking will focus on a police detective, Hessius Mann, who was executed for murdering his wife, but is a blue to come back to life thanks to a miraculous drug. His undead self is then considered a “second-class citizen,” but he manages to work as a private investigator trying to find the real killer. (It sounds quite a bit like Fox’s midseason series Lookinglass, where a man also miraculously comes back from the dead to help solve crimes).

Apparently the TV series won’t explicitly say that these resurrected people are zombies, rather referring to them as “pulse-challenged” (similar to how In the Flesh had the government referring to the re-animated as suffering from PDS (Partially Deceased Syndrome), while those who hated them called them “rotters.” Similarly, it seems that in Dead Mann Walking, the pulse-challenged are also victims of crimes perpetrated by a fearful population.

Dead Mann Walking joins iZombie on the CW, The Walking Dead franchises on AMC, and The Returned on SundanceTV in a slate of undead TV series. But most importantly: would you watch?