Poll: Who Should Play Cable in ‘Deadpool 2’?

     May 20, 2016

cable-deadpool-2-actor-pollEver since Deadpool took audiences (and their wallets) by storm, new and old fans alike have been looking forward to the inevitable sequel. While the level of interest to see Ryan Reynolds return in the title role is certainly high, there’s been a lot of speculation about as to whether or not the character mentioned in the movie’s post-credits scene would show up or not. That character is the Rob Liefeld creation Cable, a character with an origin story so bizarre that a standalone movie might not be enough to do it justice. However, pairing him up with his moral opposite in Deadpool worked well in the buddy team comic series; Fox is probably hoping for a repeat of that success in Deadpool 2.

Recently, a number of actors have tossed their hats into the ring in a campaign to play Cable in the eventual sequel. Stephen Lang, of Avatar fame and the upcoming thriller Don’t Breathe, was one of the earliest candidates to strap on the metal arm and the gratuitous guns. More recently, however, Hellboy himself Ron Perlman expressed an interest in taking on the role, also stressing his physical similarities and immaculately matching hairstyle. Also throwing himself into the mix is accomplished martial artist and veteran action star Dolph Lundgren. Let’s take a look at their best efforts to land the role.

Back when Deadpool opened up in February of this year, Lang was the first out of the gates with a couple of tweets aimed at stirring up conversation. They’ve since been deleted, but c’mon, this is the internet:


Image via Twitter


Image via Twitter

Next up is Perlman, who took to social media to share some fan art of his recognizable visage as the Marvel mutant:

The defense rests…….

A photo posted by Ron Perlman (@perlmutations) on




And then there’s Lundgren, who expressed an interest in playing Cable during an interview with Nerdist:

So here’s the deal: Lang, Perlman, and Lundgren are simply the main three actors to start stumping to play Cable in Deadpool 2, but clearly the fans (and the studios) will have their own ideas about who is best suited for the role. We’ve included the three actors on our poll below, and if you think they’re born to play the part, please vote for them! But if you have someone else in mind, let us know in the comments and we’ll add them to the poll when we update it! Vote in our poll below!


Image via Marvel Comics


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