‘Deadpool 2’ Writers Reveal the Too-Extreme Post-Credits Scene That Was Cut from the Movie

     May 16, 2018


Deadpool 2 is about to hit theaters, and while reviews overall are fairly positive, there’s one thing everyone seems to agree on: the post-credits scene is an all-timer. We won’t be spoiling it here, but as you can imagine, there were many different ideas kicked around about what to do for a post-credits scene. Deadpool is a very different franchise than the Marvel movies or even X-Men, one in which pretty much anything is possible, which is why the initial Deadpool 2 post-credits scene crossed the line and was simply too much for audiences.

Speaking with Uproxx, Deadpool and Deadpool 2 co-writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick revealed that they initially shot a post-credits scene in which Deadpool goes back in time and kills baby Hitler in gruesome fashion:

REESE: Deadpool goes back and kills baby Hitler at the very end. That’s what was supposed to happen.


WERNICK: And not just supposed to happen, we shot it.


REESE: We shot it and we put it in front of an audience. He’s got the crib and he’s standing in the German nursery and he’s leaning over the crib to do it and there was kind of this, “ohhhhh.” And we thought we don’t want to leave the crowd on an “ohhhhh.” So it ended up coming out.


Image via 20th Century Fox

The scene ended with Deadpool literally choking Baby Hitler to death, but in the script phase was even more disturbing:

REESE: Our last moment was Deadpool saying “Maximum effort!” as he goes in to throttle the baby. It does make you squeamish.


WERNICK: There’s even a draft of that scene where we back it up even more where he’s standing over baby Hitler and says, “God, that is a toughie.” He finds a Sharpie and draws a mustache on the baby – a little baby mustache – and says “Maximum effort!”


REESE: Now he looks just enough like him that he can get up the courage to do it.

The writers also revealed another idea that was never shot would have involved Chris Evans reprising his role as Human Torch from the Fantastic Four franchise and participating in an interview to join the X-Force, but once they hit upon the idea that’s in the movie now, they decided to move forward with that instead.

So yeah, there were a lot of possibilities bandied about for the Deadpool 2 post-credits scene, and I can’t wait to see the one that was good enough to make the final cut.

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