Heroes: ‘X-Force’ Characters Revealed in the ‘Deadpool 2’ Trailer?

     February 12, 2018

On this episode of Heroes, Jon Schnepp, Joelle Monique, and Coy Jandreau discuss the following:

  • Sony has released a trailer for Venom starring Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams. The panel offers their thoughts on both the horror vibe of the trailer and not getting to see Hardy in the Symbiote costume.
  • Fox and Marvel released a new Deadpool 2 trailer starring Ryan Reynolds and featuring more footage of Josh Brolin as Cable.
  • Netflix released a trailer for Season 2 of Jessica Jones starring Krysten Ritter and Rachael Taylor. The trailer hints at the return of David Tennant as Kilgrave/The Purple Man.
  • Variety is reporting that Black Panther is heading for a possible $150 million North American opening over the four-day Presidents’ Day weekend.
  • Season 2 of Legion will premiere on Tuesday, April 3rd at 10pm EST.
  • Deadline reports that Amazon is developing Conan, a TV series about Conan the Barbarian based on the books by Robert E. Howard. Ryan Condal will create and write the show.
  • In an interview with The Toronto Sun, James Mangold explained why he did not have a post-credit scene in Logan.
  • THR is reporting that Michael Bay is in talks to direct a Lobo feature film. Jason Fuchs is working on a script rewrite of his initial script based on Bay’s notes.
  • Variety is reporting that Joaquin Phoenix is in negotiations to play The Joker in Todd Phillips’ standalone origin movie.
  • Omega Underground is reporting that the working title for Wonder Woman 2 is “Magic Hour.” Does this confirm that Circe will be the villain in the movie?
  • Marvel released an epic star-studded photo for their tenth anniversary featuring 80 actors and filmmakers.
  • Uproxx reports that YouTuber DeepFakes Club was able to remove Henry Cavill‘s mustache in Justice League more effectively with a $500 used computer than the Warner Bros. VFX team.
  • Tessa Thompson took to Twitter to reveal that she’d be “highly interested” in starring in Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.’s new Kick-Ass comic book should it make it to the big screen.
  • Warner Bros. releases a deleted Justice League scene that shows Henry Cavill looking at a black Superman suit.
  • Geoff Johns reveals a script title page on Twitter for Episode 105 of Titans. The script is titled “Doom Patrol.”

Image via Marvel Studios

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