‘Deadpool 2’: David Leitch on That Superhero Cameo and the Requisite Stan Lee Appearance

     May 23, 2018

Warning: Deadpool 2 spoilers are discussed in this article.

Deadpool 2 has plenty of fun little cameos, and among the good gags is when Deadpool visits the X-Mansion only to complain again that no big-name X-Men are around. This is a callback to the first film, which had a limited budget and a skeptical studio, and no one is around. But this time, we get the for-real X-Men just sitting in the background and Deadpool doesn’t see them.


Image via 20th Century Fox

Speaking to director David Leitch, Steve Weintraub asked about what went into getting the X-Men to cameo for just a single gag:

“It was filmed during production and it was logistically difficult for not the reasons that you’d think. They’re shooting Dark Phoenix. They’ve got the cast of Dark Phoenix. They’ve got to figure out how to get them all together and shoot a plate shot for us. So we had already done our shot and set up our shot in the hallway. There’s a greenscreen in the door. We have all our camera angles and measurements and we need the plate to put behind there. So it’s a visual effect. They’re not in the same room. So thank God that Simon [Kinberg], one of the producers, was shooting that movie and all the people are in one spot. We didn’t have them all in the same place, but it was like wrangling cats for a couple weeks to get it to happen.”

Additionally, since this is a Marvel superhero movie, there’s got to be a Stan Lee appearance somewhere, but this one you might have missed since he’s not there in the flesh. Leitch explained that it wasn’t a matter of Lee’s health but simply a tight shooting scheduled that led to them having the Marvel icon as graffiti rather than an in-person cameo:

“There’s a Stan Lee cameo. There’s graffiti art as Domino is flying through the city. It’s a huge graffiti of Stan Lee as she’s flying past this building. It’s almost half the frame…well, actually a third of the frame…We’re always aware that you want to get a Stan Lee appearance in there, but it wasn’t his health that was the issue for us. It was more like what would work and what was the time and place, and our schedule was tight and things got away from us. So by the time we were done with the movie, we were thinking where could we plug him in during reshoots.”

They’re both fun moments, and if you missed the Stan Lee cameo the first time around, now you’ll know where to look.

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