Ryan Reynolds Says DEADPOOL’s Budget Lets Them “Do Things You Don’t Get to Do on Other Superhero Movies”

     February 2, 2015


After years and years of development, the Deadpool movie is finally nearing production.  A couple of weeks ago, news broke that 20th Century Fox planned to start shooting the Marvel Comics adaptation in late March in Vancouver with Ryan Reynolds leading the cast as the title character, a skilled mercenary known for wisecracking and breaking the fourth wall.

While speaking with Reynolds for his upcoming release, The Voices, he took a brief moment to discuss Deadpool.  Clearly he knows a thing or two about keeping tight-lipped when dealing with a highly anticipated project, but here’s what he told me about what he’ll be busy doing to prep for the shoot over the next few weeks:

“Tests.  Lots of tests.  Lots and lots of tests.  That’s about all I can say about that.”

deadpool-movie-ryan-reynoldsReynolds opened up a bit more when discussing director Tim Miller, who’s been attached to the project for years.  Miller’s an experienced visual effects artist and the founder of Blur Studio, but Deadpool will actually mark his feature directorial debut.  Here’s what Reynolds had to say about having him helm the project:

“[He’s] always been the right guy.  He’s always, you know, shown nothing but a fierce loyalty to the canon of Deadpool and that’s the thing you look for first and foremost, a guy that is always wanting to push a little bit farther.  And the advantage of doing a movie like this on a budget that is significantly less than any other kind of superhero movie is that you get to do things that you don’t get to do on other superhero movies so that’s what we’re most excited about.”

ryan-reynolds-deadpool-movieCould doing things that you don’t get to do on other superhero movies mean that Deadpool will actually go for an R rating?  Reynolds wouldn’t offer up any concrete details on that subject, but he did tease:

“I have no idea … I don’t want to spoil anything so we’ll see.  We hope.”

Thanks to the insanely fun test footage that leaked in July 2014, I bet there’s a lot of fans out there eager to see an R-rated Deadpool, too.  With filming coming up and that February 12, 2016 release just about a year away, hopefully we’ll learn more about their approach to the source material soon.  San Diego Comic-Con perhaps?

You can catch Reynolds talking Deadpool in the video clip below and be sure to keep an eye out for our full chat on The Voices coming later this week.  (Side Note: Universal should totally take Reynolds’ Pitch Perfect 3 joke seriously.  Check out The Voices this weekend.  You’ll see what I mean.)


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